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theShirt modular system is a collaborative wearable art project, founded in 2016 in vienna, working with artists around the world and selling in museums and galleries.



the shirt

you can combine up to 4 main elements to make your individual dress or coat. and then remove to have a jacket.

Add accessories. Play adding pieces by the artists.

the jacket

A jacket or a coat.

TIP! mix pieces of various artists.

summer stuff

It is hot and you look hot with your individually built summer dress.

you just need a blouse? no problem, you decide how many pieces you want!


This wearable project started as collaboration between Magdalena Maria Muszynska, Stephanie Klaura and Renate Stoica, all based in Vienna. Since mid-2016 the idea has gained more art contributors and many enthusiasts of the system.



You are welcome to become our enthusiast or contributor!



Are you an active artist?

Do you want to extend your art to wearable products?

Do you want to present your art together with your modular shirt element?

Please contact us, we will give it a chance to grow together!